Saturday 7 July 2018

Last one!

to everyone who took the time to read this blog, offered support and encouragement and helped with extra information.

This was a rather grueling experience but there were lighter moments thanks to my schizophrenic spellcheck.

Mr Mackay became Mr Madcap

Butt’s Hotel became Nutt’s Hotel

Spirits became spareribs

The chairman became an ethic airman

The Bobby Burns Claim became the Booby Burns

Three kegs spirits became three kegs spitfires

Spring will do great things for the Thames became Spring will do great thighs for the Thames

The steamer Maori Chief became the steamier Maori Chief

Ohinemuri became Moonshiner

A Daily Southern Cross correspondent became a Daily Southern Cross corpse

and some really bizarre copying and pasting announced

"at the sale of C Arthur and Sons, Auckland, there are good stocks of potatoes, cheese, bacon, ham, onions, butter, soap, oats, and colonial ale. There is a great demand for fowls, but only a few young ones in Madman’s gully, a branch of the Moanataiari Valley, which is beginning to attract attention and several claims in the long neglected Karaka are promising very fairly. "

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